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Hello and welcome to my new website.

If you like a good scare, you are in the right place. I write dark fiction, a term I have chosen because it describes my writing better than any existing label I could find. For example, I wouldn't say everything I write could be called horror, but it often contains elements of the horror genre. Ditto the thriller and science fiction genres. I wouldn't even claim that all my work is entirely original, because I have been strongly influenced by many existing writers, and an amount of subconscious copying is bound to happen. I think it must do for all writers.

More than anything, my wish is to write stories that you, dear reader, enjoy reading. If you find deep meaning in any of my writing then that is a message from my subconscious to your subconscious... and I would love you to get in touch and tell me about it!

~ Patrick Ryder


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