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Well, what do you write here? There is certainly a lot I could say. Whether or not you would find it interesting is a different matter. Let's start with the basic stuff and see where we go from there ...

In Short

I am a writer of dark fiction. I chose this description of my writing because it fits better than any of the existing labels I could find. Whatever type of writing I am doing, it tends to have something to say about the shadier aspects of what it is to be human. Dark fiction seems like a reasonable way to describe this.

I live just outside York, England, with my beautiful wife, Jillian. We have two mental dogs, Foggy and Odie, both free to a good home... or any home really.

I am a qualified software engineer, and I have spent some time working for Revolution Software, on the famous Broken Sword series of adventure games. Writing now takes most of my time, but I do have one or two exciting software projects in the pipeline. Watch this space.

More About Patrick Ryder

For those hardy souls among you who are still awake, here is some more information about me.


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